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Lawn Mowing

lawn mowing anglesey Why not sit back and let us take the burden out of having to do your lawn. Either one off treatments or regular cuts.
All sizes of lawns from small domestic to large commercial grounds and maintenance contracts 9 acre lawns are part of the service!

Cutting Of Your Lawn - What We Do

Cutting the grass to different lengths is the art. We are specialists in lawn care and have a variety of lawn mowers. Mowing height and frequency will determine how you want your lawn to look.

Feeding & Fertilizing - 'tender loving care'

Nutrients are in the soil that turf grass needs but most soils need a little help along the way. We supply fertilizers that help with new growth from pest damage over walked lawns controlling and reducing weeds. Replacing nutrients in the soil to promote healthy growth.

Over Seeding

To promote thick grass growth. Some lawns do not need this but its a service we offer for those who want lush thick lawns.

Aeration & Scarification

For when your lawn has become compacted. Aeration is when you punch a thousand cores into the soil this process is applied for lawns to allow water and fertilizers to penetrate the lawn. Improving grass rooting.

Professional new grass laying

For that perfect start to a new lawn. Some lawns just need a new start. We use the highest quality turf grass and sods. Your garden will be levelled by us with top soil and fertilizers for your new lawn to thrive.